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You can find reliable, accurate, up-to-date information on COVID-19 at the following links:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Office of Personnel Management
US Air Force
Ohio Department of Health
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You can also follow the Ohio National Guard


STAY HEALTHY and remain READY!  Follow guidance issued by CDC, national and state leadership.
Updates 24 November 2020

The following instances will require in person time on base:

- all members that still require a flu shot

- members scheduled for dental or medical appointments

- members that require mission essential training as determined by their supervisor

- January drill decision will be made mid-December after consultation with the ACC/IG team scheduled to be on base 21-26 January for the mid-point inspection.

- All members should call the COVID reporting line:  937-327-2218 for the following:

              - member is tested for COVID

              - member received COVID test results, both positive and negative

              - member has recovered from COVID

- Always inform your supervisor of any travel outside the local area (designated as a 4 hour drive from your home of record). 

- Stay home if you or any member of your family is displaying symptoms

- Help keep the work area clean, sanitize often