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Airman of the Year award winners announced at military ball

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  • 178th Wing

178th Wing Airmen were recognized for outstanding service at the military ball held Dec. 2 at the Marriott in Springfield, Ohio.

 Senior Airman Taylor Miller won Airman of the Year for the enlisted Airmen tier. Tech. Sgt. Aimee Davey won Airman of the Year for the noncommissioned officer category, and Senior Master Sgt. Robert Holbert won Airman of the Year for the senior noncommissioned officer category. Capt. Marcus Bosch won company grade officer of the year, and Master Sgt. Shawn Murray won first sergeant of the year.

Miller described how she felt when her name was announced at the military ball as one of the award winners. 

 “I was definitely proud,” said Miller. “I was grateful the leadership not only in the Operations Group, but in the Wing, too, thought that I was deserving of this award. There were so many other candidates, but just to be nominated was awesome to me.”

The 178th Wing held its second annual awards banquet to honor service members who stand out among their peers and strive to perform to the best of their ability. 

 Miller discussed what allowed her to stand out as a nominee.

 “I show up to work every day to do my best,” said Miller. “I just work really hard and I get involved in different things.”

 Miller also advised young Airmen on what they can do to become an outstanding member of the Air National Guard.

 “If you learn how to be a good follower from good leaders, then eventually you will become a good leader,” said Miller. “If you have the opportunity to be a leader, lead from where you are.”

 Davey also discussed her feelings when she learned that she was the winner of the NCO tier for the Outstanding Airman of the Year award.

 “I was shocked to be honest,” said Davey. “But also grateful that people felt I was doing a good enough job to win that award.”

 Davey attributed her achievement to putting in her best effort at her job, volunteering in the community, and deploying with active duty personnel.

 “Do your best every single day,” Davey advised.

 Col. Gregg Hesterman, the 178th Wing commander, mentioned the qualities that leadership looks for in Airmen to choose the award winners.

 “We’re looking for the total package,” said Hesterman. “We look to see not only that they’re doing their jobs well, but that they’re looking outside of themselves, too.”

 Hesterman discussed community outreach as one of the qualities he thinks helps Airmen stand out. Succeeding in one’s job is important, but going above and beyond that allows Airmen to achieve even greater accomplishments.

 “Working on self-improvement and striving to do better is very important,” said Hesterman.

 Winners from each wing around the Air National Guard then compete at the state level to determine the Airman of the Year for the entire Ohio Air National Guard. The state winner then move on to compete at the national level.

 Hesterman also discussed a new competition that will be presented next year in which an outstanding unit award will be given at the squadron and flight levels. The awards presented will recognize squadrons and flights excelling in every aspect of their career fields and also in their professional development tracks.