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German naval officer visits 178th Wing as part of Military Reserve Exchange Program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones
  • 178th Wing

Capt. Randi Daoud, a member with the 178th Wing, hosted Christian Hetsch, a commander with the German Navy, as part of the Military Reserve Exchange Program, June 4-14, in Springfield, Ohio.

The Military Reserve Exchange Program allows service members from NATO countries to travel internationally to gain a better understanding of how different militaries function.

“This program is beneficial in a lot of different ways,” said Daoud. “Militarily, it is amazing to understand how another force works in another country.”

Daoud planned an action-packed, two week tour of the National Guard to provide Hetsch with a better understanding of how the United States military operates.

Some of the events that Daoud and Hetsch participated in included an incentive flight on the C-130 Hercules, shooting weapons at the range with Security Forces, and meeting with Ohio National Guard leadership.

The program provides U.S. service members an opportunity to build relationships with other military members from around the world. This international collaboration helps enhance mission success because participants can learn ways to improve different processes.

“Knowing how other people do things can always make us better,” said Daoud. “We’re building partnerships and we’re going to make ourselves better by doing so.”

In addition to learning about other nations’ militaries, this program also provides cultural insight.

“You get to learn how people from other countries work and function, which helps when doing international business,” said Hetsch. “This program is a cultural exchange, too.”