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Guardsman thinks outside the box to achieve goals

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones
  • 178th Wing

Tech. Sgt. Robert Florence, a member with the 178th Wing, grew up watching his parents renovate homes. Florence bought his first home at just 20 years old, and discovered his passion for finding potential in properties that others neglected.

“When I got back from Basic Training, I wanted to buy a house,” said Florence. “It was a house that needed to be renovated, but it was a diamond in the rough.”

In addition to home renovation projects, Florence also wanted to help new home buyers. He began a home inspection business to provide people with thorough assessments of the properties they planned to purchase.

“I saw a need that there are people out there who have only lived in apartments that have never had to worry about the maintenance of a house, so if someone buys a house with a bunch of problems or issues, they may not know about it until it’s too late,” said Florence. “I wanted to be the informative person that could help them make the biggest purchase of their life.”

Florence’s ability to creatively problem solve allows him to excel in his military career, too.

“My job in the military balances my job outside of the military because I try to think outside of the box in both endeavors,” said Florence. “Sometimes taking a different path can lead to success.”

Florence also discussed the importance of innovation in the military. He discussed how questioning the status quo can result in improved processes.

“Even though the military maintains strict guidance a lot of the time, it’s not a bad thing to question how things are being done because it can grow into new, improved methods of doing things,” said Florence.

Florence’s ability to take on projects that others may be afraid to highlights his entrepreneurship. He exemplifies his love for helping people through his home inspection business and his military career.