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Wing hosts pancake breakfast to kick off new program

  • Published
  • By Maj. Lindsay Logsdon
  • 178th Fighter Wing
A pancake breakfast was held July 11 with more than 130 178th Fighter Wing members showing at the Yoxford dining facility to kick off the new Bounce program.

The Bounce program is not exactly a new initiative but rather a more coordinated collaboration between Airmen Family Readiness, the Chaplain's office and the Director of Psychological Health for the wellness of the wing.

"I figured to start this off, food would get people here," said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Elaine Henderson, Wing Chaplain, 178th Fighter Wing, as she handed out trifolds on the program.

While some of the activities may be familiar the name, Bounce, is certainly new. Bounce is what the triad of wellness advocates are referring to concerning individuals bouncing back from the stress of life. The idea evolved after Henderson read Keith McFarland's "BOUNCE: The Art of Turning Tough Times Into Triumph."

"We wanted to create opportunities to pull people together from across the wing and get them out and involved," said Henderson.

According to Jane Esprit, 178th Fighter Wing, Director of Airmen Family Readiness, the three agencies are working together to make the program more visible. "We want to make sure that everyone is in tune with what's going on with each other, and to be able to bounce back from challenges in life," she said.

"The concept isn't new but the way we're promoting it is," said Esprit. "We want to give many different outlets to cope with everyday life and to cope with what's going on."

Bounce activities will range from marriage retreats to information on finances as well as fitness activities. These activities will not be limited to full-time personnel as several will be held on some unit training weekends.

"Not everyone likes the same activities so we're offering many different opportunities and these will help to address financial, emotional, spiritual, social, mental and physical needs," said Henderson.

The Chaplain's office, Airmen Family Readiness and the Director of Psychological Health have created a one-stop shop for wing members to access Bounce activities through the on-base SharePoint. For more information on how to map to the Bounce SharePoint calendar contact Henderson at 937-327-2214.