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Firefighters participate in unique circuit training

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Joseph R. Stahl
  • 178th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Firefighters from the 178th Civil Engineering Squadron, Springfield, Ohio, use a unique circuit training program to incorporate firefighter related activities into a fitness program. The inspiration for this training comes from Master Sgt. Kevin Stuebs and Tech. Sgt. Adam Long. They use a similar program in their civilian firefighter positions at the Defense Supply Center, Columbus, Ohio.

The15 minute circuit program consists of five separate fire rescue related strengthening exercises as well as calisthenics. The stations include hose pull, crunches, tire flips, dummy drags, push ups, farmers carries, mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, Supermans, burpees and the Keiser sled.

This training is conducted quarterly.

Senior Master Sgt. Andrew Hennigan, 178th Fighter Wing Fire Chief, says there are two primary objectives to this training.

"The first objective is to simulate activities we would be tasked with on a fire scene. The Kaiser sled simulates forcible entry, carrying dumbbells simulates carrying tools etc." Hennigan continues, "The second objective is to condition our bodies to react to short, high impact stress situations where we would be required to use all muscle groups for a short burst."

This unique training program is beginning to gain traction with several members from across the wing participating in the most recent session.