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Mission Support Group gets new commander

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Joseph R. Stahl
  • 178 Fighter Wing Public Affaris
     Lt. Col. Joseph W. Schulz took command of the 178th Mission Support Group in a formal ceremony presided by Col. Greg N. Schnulo, 178th Fighter Wing Commander, Sept. 18 at the 178th Fighter Wing, Springfield, Ohio.
Col. William C. Wolfarth relinquished command and will become the 178th Fighter Wing Vice Commander effective Sept. 18. Wolfarth asked the Mission Support Group to continue to work as a team under the command of Schulz.
     "The only thing that really remained the same during the Dutch mission, and now through this (mission change) is the fact that the leadership was willing to work as a team. I would ask you to keep that up with Lt. Col. Schulz," Wolfarth said.
     Schulz joined the 178th Fighter Wing as an F-16 Fighting Falcon Flying Training Unit instructor after leaving an 11-year active duty career flying the F-15 C Eagle.
     The change of command is a military formation deeply rooted in history and tradition dating back to the time of Frederick the Great of Prussia. In that period, military organizations developed flags with unique and specialized colors and designs. When the soldiers followed their leaders into battle, they kept sight of their flag. If the banner still waived after the conflict, it was a sign that their side had not tasted defeat on the field of battle.
     Although the banner used at the 178th Mission Support Group change of command ceremony was at its home station instead of on the battle field, the banner's significance remains the same, and symbolized the transfer of command.
     Schulz is looking forward to the challenges of his new position.
     "I think that the 178th Mission Support Group is going to be the most challenging mission, and the most exciting thing that I could possibly do for the next few years," said Schulz. "We in MSG have a stake; we're stake holders in the success of the wing, the success of the RECCE Group, the success of the Intel Group, and the success of the Medical Group."