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September marks end of hard-copy 'Thunderer'

  • Published
  • By Capt. Lindsay Logsdon
  • 178 FW Public Affairs
Beginning in October, the 178th Fighter Wing's publication, the Thunderer, will no longer be distributed in hard copy. The September issue of the Thunderer will be the last one to hit your mailbox.
The Air Force and Air National Guard are moving away from printed newspapers and newsletters and embracing the modern communication methods of Web sites and videos. New regulations will soon prohibit wings from funding base newspapers. Unit-funded publications across active duty, Guard and Reserve are being drawn down and discontinued.
Along with the Air Force's mandate to draw back on printing, new budget challenges have also influenced this change. Printing and mailing the Thunderer is costly. Twelve issues of the Thunderer would cost the wing about $12,000 per year. These funds will now be redirected to other mission essential areas. The new media of today is requiring the Guard and its members to adapt to these innovative methods of communication. Public Affairs will continue to provide news and feature articles as well as guidance from the commander online. The resource for timely 178 FW news can be found on the public Web site at
In addition to current news the Web site contains videos, photos and links to other helpful resources. Because the site is public it can be accessed by anyone anywhere at no cost to the wing.
The Public Affairs team is diligently working to populate the site with more information for its viewers. Any suggestions or offers for additional Web site content or questions can be directed to the Public Affairs office at