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Airmen, Soldiers train together during annual combat medicine evaluation

  • Published
  • By Airman Rachel Simones
  • 178th Public Affairs
Aerospace medical technicians with the 178th Wing participated in an annual tactical medicine assessment with U.S. Army Soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany, July 14.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Brian McGinnis, Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Owens and Master Sgt. Michael Adams joined Army medical technicians during their tactical care refresher course and evaluation.

"This combat training is different than our typical clinical setting," said McGinnis.

The tactical medicine assessment is comprised of care under fire, tactical field care and evacuation care.

"We're here to perform real-world duties," said Owens.

Army Sgt. 1st Class David Cooper, the emergency medicine course coordinator, demonstrated combat medical skills for the Airmen and Soldiers before their evaluation.

"We can all learn something from each other," said Cooper. "It's about saving lives."

His multiple deployments as a ground medic provided him with valuable experience to train and assess the medical technicians.

"The way we operate in a tactical environment is different than a traditional medical setting," said Army Staff Sgt. Robert Dorris, the primary instructor for the assessment.

"The environment dictates what kind of medicine we're able to perform," said Dorris, a former flight medic.

After reviewing their skills in the classroom, the 178th medical technicians paired up with their Army counterparts to put their abilities to the test.

"I like working with the Air Force," said Dorris. "They can offer their knowledge and take some of ours with them."

The Airmen and Soldiers practiced head-to-toe rapid trauma assessment during the evaluation.

The tactical medicine assessment is required for Army medics who have been out of advanced individual training for two years or less.They must complete the annual training to validate their skills.

The assessment is commonly referred to as Table 8 due to its unique set-up.

Tables 1 through 7 are designated for tactical care re-training and Table 8 is the final skills assessment station.