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Air Force's Senior Enlisted Leader answers Airmen's tough questions, imparts advice

  • Published
  • By TSgt Lou Burton
  • 178th Public Affairs
Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody visited Airmen of the 178th Wing during a unit training assembly, June 7.

"I represent all Airmen in the Air Force," said Cody,  "and I'm thankful for any opportunity to meet and speak with the Airmen of the 178th performing their duty during a drill weekend," said Chief Cody.

Cody visited with Airmen in open forums and work-center tours, and held two Airmen's Calls for both junior and senior enlisted Airmen to discuss important topics on their minds.

One topic of interest was enlisted performance reports.

"We owe you a feedback and evaluation system so that you know not only what you have done correctly, but also what you need to improve upon," said Cody.

Airmen also asked about basic military training and technical schools. The limited space in various courses leaves many new Airmen waiting to begin training, and one Airman wanted to know why.

"The Air Force has to efficiently train Airmen," said Cody. "Training and technical schools are important, but it requires a balance between creating sustainable capability without over developing training classes."

Expanding on training, Cody explained his expectations as the different components work and train together.

"Every Airman is going to be asked to do a job and no one should be able to differentiate the component by the quality of work," he said. "We are one Air Force. As a guard member, you are a component, just as the active duty, reserve and civilians. Together you make up the whole picture."

Additionally, he offered advice for Airmen hoping to improve and grow in the Air Force.

"Don't gravitate towards people who only tell you that you're prefect," said Chief Cody.  Find those who will be honest with you about your strengths and weaknesses."

Through each presentation and office visit, Cody spoke with various members and answered every question.

After the visit, he formulated a picture of the Airmen of the 178th and the mission they perform.

"The Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission is critical, and the effects reach globally," said Cody. "The 178th has made the transition to the ISR community and has now created the capability to train others."

But according to Cody, the Airmen stood out most.

"All Airmen are important and their service is appreciated," he said. "There are many challenges and uncertainties facing Airmen today, but that doesn't negate how important each Airman is and the importance of being diligent."