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K-Cups and Keurigs: Boosting Airmen morale across Ohio

  • Published
  • By Airman Rachel Simones
  • 178th Wing Public Affairs
In 2011, Airmen and Soldiers gathered around Keurig coffee makers at Holy Joe's Café in Kabul, Afghanistan. The small coffee shop was a hub for communication and a caffeine boost. 

"We set up a café in Kabul and we would have people come in every day," said Lt. Col. Jon Trainer, the 251st Cyber Engineering Installation Group chaplain. "The coffee was a great way to get people to talk and connect."

Since 2006, the director of HJC, Tom Jastermsky, has sent free K-cups and Keurigs to deployed chaplains to provide them with a way to bond with service members.

"Providing the troops with coffee gave them a sense of home and it helped improve communication," said Trainer.

The relationship that Trainer built with HJC did not end in Afghanistan, though. After he returned from deployment, Jastermsky contacted him.

"He reached out to ask if I would be willing to continue coffee distribution stateside in Ohio," said Trainer. "Of course I said 'yes!'"

Last year, Jastermsky sent nine pallets of K-cups and six Keurigs, which Trainer distributed to various units across the state. 

"Recently, I asked for more coffee," said Trainer. 

Not long after his request, 26 pallets, totaling 361,000 K-cups arrived at the 251st CEIG. 

"It's truly mind boggling," said Trainer, who was amazed by Jastermsky's generous donation.

The 361,000 Starbucks, Green Mountain and Donut Shop brand K-cups were loaded onto a pick-up truck at the 251st CEIG, May 20.

"I'm distributing them to several guard bases across the state, including Rickenbacker, Mansfield and Zanesville," said Trainer.

Due to Jastermsky's donation, guard units across Ohio will be fueled to fight.

"The donation says a lot about these companies' commitment to the troops," said Trainer.