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Victim advocate speaks at 178th Wing sexual assault prevention and response training

  • Published
  • By Airman Rachel Simones
  • 178th Wing
Kori Cioca, a survivor and victim advocate of sexual assault, visited Springfield Air National Guard Base, Ohio, April 12 as part of the 178th Wing's sexual assault prevention and response training.

Cioca, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, spoke to Airmen about how sexual assault affected her life and answered questions in an open forum.

Cioca's experience was detailed in the film "The Invisible War."

Her testimony highlighted the importance for cultural change in order to prevent sexual assault.

"The people who are ostracized are the ones who are easy targets for perpetrators," said Cioca, who emphasized that to prevent sexual assault Airmen must look out for one another.

In addition to hearing from Cioca, Airmen learned more about sexual assault in the military from 2nd Lt. Trina Ross, the 178th Wing sexual assault response coordinator.

According to Ross, the number of reported sexual assaults was much less than the amount that was reported in anonymous surveys. "We have to change our culture so that people feel comfortable to report," she said.

In addition to SARCs, the 178th Wing provides victim advocates, who offer support for victims of sexual assault.

Ross also briefed Airmen about the difference between prevention and response, environmental factors that contribute to sexual assault, the impact of different responses to sexual assault, cultural influences that play a role in prevention, and Airmen's individual roles in prevention.