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Airmen and Family Readiness helps new recruits understand credit reports and scores

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Seth Skidmore
  • 178th Public Affairs
The 178th Airman and Family Readiness office hosted an Understanding Your Credit Report and Score seminar at the Springfield Air National guard base to assist Airmen with understanding personal finance, Feb. 7.

Victor Bailey, a community readiness consultant from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's Airman and Family Readiness center, taught the seminar.

With the majority of the attendees being new recruits, he decided to start them with the basics of saving and credit management.

"Education is the biggest issue facing young Airmen, how does credit work and do I need this credit?" explained Bailey. He stated that the purpose for the seminar was "helping them manage finances and identifying financial goals."

The seminar provided information for educating oneself about finances, setting a personal spending goal, having a good credit-debt ratio and the importance of having a strong savings plan.

Jane Esprit, the 178th Airman and Family Readiness director, coordinated the seminar. She wanted to bring active-duty resources to help guardsmen.

Esprit said she wanted to: "Provide some type of workshop training for Airmen to understand their credit and financial responsibilities that could jeopardize their security clearance."

Since the course involved new recruits, Esprit thought, "It is important that we kick start their knowledge for understanding their credit."

The seminar was the first of a planned series. "We are going to provide financial workshops for this year and into the future," said Esprit.

One of the possible ideas for a future seminar is an investment education class. Esprit has worked close with Bailey about the idea that Wright-Patterson can provide resources to guardsman in addition to their active duty clients. So keep on the lookout for future class offerings.