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Air National Guard Command Chief visits Springfield to speak with the 178th

  • Published
  • By Airman Rachel Simones
  • 178th Student Flight
The Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air National Guard visited the 178th Fighter Wing to speak with Airmen about a variety of topics during a town hall meeting, Jan. 11.

Chief Master Sgt. James W. Hotaling discussed renewing commitment to the profession of arms, the health of the force, and the recognition/embracement of mission sets.

He reminded the enlisted force that "what we do is a profession," and although "the profession is the same, the rules have changed."

The command chief called on Airmen to renew their commitment to the profession of arms in order "to be a part of something greater than yourself."

Hotaling spoke about upcoming changes, such as the reinstatement of enlisted performance reports beginning in 2015. He said that the newly formatted EPR's will help "track the performance of Airmen."

When the chief discussed the health of the force, he encouraged mental, physical, social and spiritual resiliency. He also encouraged members to recognize and embrace their profession.

"You tell your own story," he said.

Airmen asked the command chief questions about force reductions, retirement compensation cuts and deployment options.

Hotaling reassured that few cuts will be made to the ANG.

He also said that reductions in retirement compensation is a congressional decision and still being debated.

The command chief also talked about a new deployment method, AEF Next, where whole units deploy together.

As the Air National Guard faces many upcoming changes, Hotaling answered questions and listened to concerns from Airmen to gain insight on improvements that could be made within the ANG.