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178th members compete in fitness competition

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Patrick O'Reilly
  • 178th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Members of the Ohio Air National Guard strive to do well on their Physical Training test in order to maintain aerobic fitness, body composition, and muscular fitness.

Tech. Sgt. Emily Strope, Intelligence Group and Staff Sgt. Emily DeSalle, Mission Support Group of the 178th Fighter Wing, went above the usual standards to maintain their health and physical appearance in order to better themselves even further.

Strope and DeSalle competed and placed in the Monster Mash Natural body building competition hosted by the National Physique Committee, the largest amature bodybuilding organization in the U.S.

Strope competed in Pure Novice Figure (tall class) in which she placed fourth and received a long sword and Open Figure (tall class) where she placed third and received a silver cup. DeSalle competed in Open Bikini short class (under 5'4") and Pure Novice Bikini short class in which she placed first and received a long sword.

"I got into fitness about two years ago and I decided that I wanted to do it eventually," said Strope.

Strope was introduced into the competition by the manager of her gym. He recommended for her to compete and do figure and then further put her in touch with a trainer whom also organized Monster Mash Natural, a yearly show in Harrison, Ohio that had a Halloween theme. Two years later she competed.

"I've been heavily into working out this year and Strope mentioned she was competing and was seeing if other girls out at the 178 FW were interested" said DeSalle.

Bikini and figure competitors compete based on height class instead of weight as men do. "It is mostly about the diet" said Strope. High protein, high fiber, moderate carbohydrates and supplements such as creatine were included in her diet.

The workout schedule for Strope included four days of weight lifting for 45 minutes. She would alternate days working on different muscle areas such as chest and legs on one day and shoulders and back the next time. In addition, she would do 30 minutes of cardio, two days a week.

DeSalle worked chest and triceps on Mondays, back and biceps on Wednesdays, and legs on Fridays. She includes cardio on all three days of weightlifting. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she participates in a spin class that lasts an hour.

"In the competitions basically everyone is a winner because they are bringing in their best package. They are in the best shape of their lives and their trophy is the result of the competition." said Strope.

"I'm still working out regularly just not getting up at 4 a.m. to meet with the trainer anymore. I'm doing it on my own time again. Working out and eating healthy is a lifestyle for me," said DeSalle. "Yes, I cheated after the show, (smiles) of course there were things that I went without, but having the healthy lifestyle is important to me. I am doing another competition in March"

"Two years ago when I started this I couldn't run a mile without stopping," said Strope. "It takes time but it doesn't take as much time as one would think"