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178th Airman wins first place in fitness competition

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Amber Mullen

Fitness is an important part of an Airman’s career and everyday life. Every year Airmen must complete a physical training test. In order to do well on this test, many Airmen focus on fitness year-round.

For Master. Sgt. Jonathan Nossa, an Airman assigned to the 178th Wing, fitness is an integral part of his life.

Nossa competed in the 2018 NPF Sandows Natural World Championship Nov. 17, a fitness competition, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. This competition was the first time Nossa ever stepped on stage to compete. He participated in novice men’s physique and open men’s physique.

Competing in a competition was originally never a goal for Nossa.

“In the beginning it was never about competing,” said Nossa. “It was just more or less to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Beginning his fitness journey in February, Nossa focused on eating a strict, healthy diet and sticking to a workout program. After seeing the progress he was making, his friends encouraged him to compete.

Once he decided to compete, Nossa had eleven weeks to prepare for the competition. This preparation included intensely monitoring his food intake and following a strict workout plan. He created the diet and workout plan himself.

“It was very strenuous on the body at times,” said Nossa. “It was pretty hard to push through. It’s a ton of sacrifice but I took pride in knowing that I did all of the prep myself.”

Nossa was able to overcome the challenges of preparing for a fitness competition and excel. He placed first in novice men’s physique and first in open men’s physique.

“Even though I competed and did well in the competition, I wasn’t happy with where I was,” said Nossa.

Although he did well in the competition, Nossa is focused to improve for his next show in May 2019. His goals for the next competition is to improve his posing techniques, become leaner and gain more muscle mass. To accomplish this, he plans on taking posing classes and conditioning more. 

Even with being on his own fitness journey and preparing for his next competition, Nossa enjoys helping others with their own fitness journeys. He has been a unit fitness program manager for nearly ten years and has helped many Airmen train to pass their physical training test. Being able to help other Airmen in their fitness journeys that will ultimately impact their career is very rewarding for Nossa.

“When they are seeing their results and reaching their goals, it’s just so satisfying” said Nossa. “I know how I feel when I reach my goals so to be able to help other people with theirs is rewarding.”

Nossa’s biggest piece of advice to others who are either struggling with fitness or want to compete in a fitness competition is to set goals. 

 “Set a goal for yourself,” said Nossa. “Once you reach your goal, create another goal. Don’t stop creating goals.”